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Protect your new or used car or truck from corrosion

About us

Protect your investment in your car or truck with rust proofing at Charlottetown Rust Check. Our warrantied rustproofing formula bonds with metal surfaces to form a protective layer that prevents contact with water and corrosive road salt. Rust Check protectant is a light liquid that is applied to your vehicle’s body as a pressurized spray, so it can penetrate and coat the joints, seams and spot welds which are most vulnerable to corrosion. Bring in your new or used vehicle and let us help keep it in prime condition.

Why Rust Check?
Sure, there are other companies that apply sealants which they say protect your car from corrosion. Unfortunately, many of these sealants actually trap water in the narrow crevices where rust usually sets in. Moreover, these sealants will eventually dry out and begin to peel or crack, letting water and road salts attack the metal of your car again. Rust Check stays liquid, and actually lubricates surfaces while actively repelling water that might otherwise collect in seams and crevices.

Our Warranty
Rust Check has been in use for more than 40 years, at more than 300 Rust Check locations worldwide. Come in every year for rustproofing at our Charlottetown service centre and ask about our annually renewable warranties. These warranties carry unlimited mileage and transferable ownership for new and qualified used vehicles.

Without Rust Check, it’s just a matter of time before your vehicle begins to rust, especially in our Maritime climate. Protect your vehicle and its resale value at Charlottetown Rust Check!


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